the creeping shadow

The story so far....

Atkas journal

  • day one Quinn recruited Morgrin and me on the day after new years.
  • day two The party set out for winterhaven.
  • day 4 The party was attacked by kobolds. Arrived at winterhaven
  • day 5 left on a tip to caves and fought irontooth
  • day 6 set out for keep
  • day 8 arived at keep. fought goblins most of the day. Fought other fouler things with no menchanable names.Left for winterhaven.
  • day 10 winterhaven was attacked by the elf and undead.Quinn was sucked into the shadowfell. Khan a wandering ranger joined the group.
  • day 11 left for the keep.
  • day 12 arrived at keep. went to lower dungeons, fought zombies and skeletons. talked to sir keegan and learned the true story.Found a secrete door with magic armor in it.slept in the hidden room
  • day 13 killed some hobgoblin’s.Killed a giant brown spider.The spider jumped on us. We almost were overwhelmed. Killed the warcheif of the hobgoblins. Cleared out several hobgoblin rooms.slept.
  • day 14 destroyed a room full of traps.Fought a ghoul and its minions. Morgran found a bag of holding. Fought and destroyed the dark priest kalaral,he was sucked into the shadowfell at the end of it all. We managed to close the portal before any harm could be done.
  • day 15 We are now heroes to the people of winterhaven! We were sent on our way to mooncrest.
  • day 17 Arived at mooncrest and was greeted by the lord there.
  • day 18 Went to investigate some strange happenings by the kings road. Found more kobolds and at the end of the cave like place there was an adult white dragons lair. There was a ton of gold and a dragonslayers weapon! We returned to the lord and were greeted by a magical protective amuelate.



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